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Company Introduction

    Established in 2011 as a subsidiary of Gansu Boc Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Boc Chemical Co., Ltd., Bocchem’s R&D center, is a high-tech and high value-added enterprise that offers contract synthesis and production of APIs and intermediates. While our R&D center is located in Shanghai Changqing Industry Park, our production site is in Lanzhou Baiyin Hi-Tech Park. Bocchem has established long-term relationships with many renowned medical corporations in domestic and international markets. So far, we provide more than 20 projects, including but not limited to Tofacitinib, MK-3102, Neratinib, Dasatinib, AUH-377 and other drug intermediates, Chiral Methylpiperazine series, and Aliphatic borate ester.

R&D Center:

    Bocchem’s R&D center in Shanghai is led by a chemist with more than 10 years of experience in the process of pharmaceutical R&D. The center, which occupies an area of 1300 m2, houses 25 fume hoods, 4 walk-in hoods, kilogram scale labs with glass jacketed reactors (10L to 30L), and a pilot workshop with 20-200L well-equipped reactors for small scale production. We utilize Agilent LC-MS, Agilent HPLC, Agilent GC, and other high end analytical instruments to ensure excellence for quality control of products. Our R&D center is primarily focused on scaling-up process development from the gram-scale to the kilogram-scale, as well as providing technical support for product industrialization.

Production Site:

     The factory, located in Lanzhou Baiyin Hi-Tech Park, was built by Lanzhou government and Baiyin Science and Technology Business Incubator. The 20-acre site handles various chemical reactions with the ability to control reaction temperatures in the range of -100 - 250 0C and pressures in the range of 1 - 10 MPa. Recently, we acquired another 50 acres plant to build a GMP facility which is expected to be put into production within 3 years. This new facility will offer contract manufacturing of APIs and intermediates to customers in order to meet the growing demand of commercialized production. We satisfy customers on any scale from small laboratory sample syntheses to growing drug production of commercial products. Like our R&D center, the factory is also equipped with Agilent LC-MS, Agilent HPLC, Agilent GC and other analytical instruments to ensure high quality control.