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   HSE Department is led directly by the vice president of the company to ensure the continuous improvement of our systems planning and operation management. The main objectives of the HSE department are as following:          

1. Understand national security, environmental protection and occupational health policies.          

2. Establish safety, environmental protection, occupational health management system, implement in the company, and continuous improvement of the system.

3. Set up the company's HSE integration objectives by appropriating the corporation's strategic goals to departments and employees to oversee the achievement of HSE objectives.          

4. Implement training plans for safety measures, environmental protection and occupational health knowledge. Develop contingency plans for safety and environmental emergencies.

5. Renovate facilities and programs for company safety, environmental protection and occupational health.

6. Safety management: Clearing security risks and taking precautionary measures for the various aspects of the company.

7、Management of safety facilities.          

8、Investigation, analysis, disposal, and safety management in case of environmental accidents.